The Minister Defeats the Plotters

It might be said:

The Sultan had a faithful and wise minister. Many people though hated this minister; they were envious of him because he would not compromise when faced with wrong things.

So the envious people came up with an evil plan to get rid of the minister. They told the Sultan that the minister wanted to kill him and was planning to overthrow his government. They told the Sultan all sorts of lies.

The Sultan believed the people and ordered the minister to be killed. The minister was put in jail to await his execution date. The Sultan had ten wild dogs. Whenever he wanted to kill someone he would tie the man up then throw him to the dogs which would rip him apart.

On the set day when the Sultan ordered the minister to be thrown to the dogs, the minister asked the Sultan, “I ask you to delay my death ten days. I want to repay the loans I owe, return items which people entrusted to my care, divide my money amongst my family, and ask someone to take care of my children after my death.” The Sultan agreed to delay the minister’s death for ten days. Some of the minister’s friends gave their word on his behalf that he would return.

The minister went home, took 100 dinars (Footnote: Dinar is a golden currency used at the time) and went to the dogs’ caretaker. He said to him, “Take this money and leave me with the dogs for ten days.” The caretaker thought this was a strange request but he agreed. He took the money and left.

The minister would bring food for the dogs. He would feed them with his own hand. Then he would stroke their backs and heads. Slowly the dogs got used to him and did not harm him. The minister showed the dogs a lot of kindness. He did not hit them or speak with a harsh tone to them.

On the eleventh day, the Sultan ordered the minister to be killed. The soldiers tied him up and threw him into the dogs’ den. When the ten dogs saw him they circled around him wagging their tails. The Sultan saw this strange sight and was not sure what to make of it so he called the minister to him.

The Sultan asked the minister to explain what happened. The minister said, “I served these dogs for a few days and they treated me as you have just seen (meaning they did not hurt me), I served you for 30 years and in the end you ordered my death based on the words of envious people.” The Sultan then realized his mistake.

He felt very embarrassed for what he had done. He repayed the minister with kind words and good treatment. He also turned over the plotters of this scheme to the minister, but the minister forgave them because they had repented from their sin

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