Prohibitions While in the State of Ihram

Eight (8) matters become prohibited on the one who establishes the intention to engage in Hajj or ^Umrah (becomes in the state of ihram). The first six (6) are small sins, requiring a specific expiation. The last two (2) are enormous sins, each requiring a different expiation.

1. To wear perfume;
2. To anoint the head or beard with oil, grease, melted honey wax, or the like;
3. To remove (or cut) fingernails, toenails, or hair;
4. For the man to cover his head;
5. For the woman to cover her face or wear gloves;
6. For the man to wear clothes that are sewn or felted in a manner to surround the body;
7. Sexual intercourse or its inviting actions;
8. To hunt an edible, wild, land animal

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