Requisites (Wajibs) of Hajj

1a.Establishing the intention of ihram before crossing the miqat;
2. Staying at night in Muzdalifah and Mina, according to a saying;
3. Throwing pebbles at Jamratul-^Aqabah during the ^Id day;
4. Throwing pebbles at the three (3) jamrahs during the Tashriq 3 days; The Tashriq days are the three (3) days following the Day of ^Idul-Ad-ha.
5. Performing the farewell tawaf.
Hajj has five (5) requisites: i.e., those obligatory actions which must be performed for Hajj. However, (unlike the integral) leaving out a requisite does not invalidate Hajj. Rather, the person is sinful and an expiation is due on him.

The expiation due for not performing any one of these requisites is:
1. To slaughter a sheep and distribute its meat to the poor people in Makkah;
or, if unable,
2. To fast ten (10) days: three (3) while in Hajj and seven (7) after returning
to one’s hometown

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