Negative Wahhabi Influence in the Balkans

By David Livingstone -- In an article published at ADNKronos International, we find another typical example of the type of corruption that the Wahhabis are used to insinuate.


This example takes place in Bosnia, which has an Islamic tradition that it four centuries old. And yet, how Saudi Arabia propagates its deviant ideology is by offering a free 4-year education at their universities. There, instead of learning the traditions of Islam, they learn the severe Wahhabi interpretation, which teaches them to be critical of other Muslims, In other words, intolerance.


On the other hand, Islam had been based on a degree of pluralism, as it was recognized that sometimes it was possible to arrive at a different conclusion from the very same evidence. It resulted in 4 distinct schools of thought in the Islamic world, that were all mutually compatible. Not one school was believed to be “going to Hell”. Each was recognized as legitimate.


So the Bosnians followed the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, which they inherited from the Turks. Other parts of the Muslim world were divided into adherence to the 3 other schools.


But during the Bosnian conflict, many “Mujahideen”, unwittingly under the employ of the CIA, through the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia, brought their infectious Wahhabi creed to the country. Since, several young Bosnian men were sent to be “educated” in Saudi Arabia as well, only to come back to stir up more conflict in the country.


Essentially, these young dupes, after only a few years of “Wahhabi” education, feel equipped to return to their countries and “correct” its errant ways.


But it should be understood that Wahhabism/Salafism is a modern phenomenon, one created by the British and occult secret societies, precisely for the purpose of, not only disuniting the Muslims, but also steering them towards a very literal and dogmatic version of the faith, which creates the fundamentalism necessary to foment their desired Clash of Civilizations.

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